Bridge Resort’s peculiarity is the bet on the family recreation. We create the best conditions for rest and entertainment of small guests and their parents. Family friendly atmosphere is ruling the real family resort. There are different services and locations for interesting leisure. We are able to do so that nobody will get bored, neither children nor adults!

The own animators team of the hotel complex is working all year round. They have elaborated animation programmes for children, sport and night events especially for Bridge Resort guests. Contests, dance master-classes near the pool, darts, ping-pong, waterpolo and badminton competitions are held. Join morning exercises and aqua aerobics and we guarantee the charge of vivacity and positive! Mafia and Uno games and karaoke are awaiting you at night.

Our animators’ team will make your recreation most exciting and bright!

Animation timetable:

► 10:00 Opening of the children’s room and games room
► 10:00 Morning exercises (pool)
► 10:30 Morning exercises for children (chidren’s room)
► 11:00 Active games (chidren’s room) 

►11:00 Aqua aerobics (swimming pool)
► 11:30 Merry lessons for children (children’s room)
► 12:00 Rhythmics (children’s room)

►13:30 Sport games (karaoke) 

►13:30 Face painting (children’s room) 

► 16:00 master classes (games room)

► 16:30 Aqua aerobics (pool)
► 18:00 Children’s programme (children’s room)
► 20:00 Chidren’s Disco (Russian Hall /karaoke)

►20:00 Mafia game (karaoke)

► 20:30 film session (Game`s room
► 21:00 Night Show (Russian Hall / karaoke)
► 22:00 Karaoke Party (karaoke) 

Games room for children and teens is in the Istanbul block. Opening hours 10:00-14:00 and 16:00-20:00.

Attention please! Timetable is the subject to change. Ask animator at the day of the event. 

Children’s room opening hours: 10:00-13:00; 15:30-18:30; 19:30-22:00.